Photo Backlog – Ghibli Museum Souvenirs

In the midst of backing up and formatting my desktop, I’ll be posting up my backlog of photos I’ve taken but forgot to post =)

Here’s some shots of the cookies and postcards I picked up at the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka, Japan. It’s a small, wonderful museum designed in a way that let’s you walk around leisurely and explore. It’s really quaint and takes maybe 2 hours to explore the whole thing. If you’re ever in Tokyo, I’d definitely recommend seeing at least once!

I bought my ticket at a Lawson (one of the convenience store chains in Japan). When I arrived at the museum, they gave me a souvenir ticket which looked like a flim strip with a picture of one of Ghibli Studio’s many movies.

The only downside to the museum is that no photos are allowed anywhere in the inside of the museum. But that’s why I bought postcards too =) You do get to see a random screening of one of the studio’s shorts. I think the one we watched was about sumo mice and a bread house? The memory is a bit hazy now hahah

Tin of cookies and postcards from the Ghibli Museum

Tin of cookies and postcards from the Ghibli Museum

Cookie2 Cookie3 Cookie4 Cookie5



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